Getting The Right Parts For Your Wrecked Bike

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Motorcycle Lawyer Talks Motorcycle Repairs

Getting your bike fixed

When a rider is involved in a roadway motorcycle wreck, a few of the first questions they will have after this shocking reality, are; 1) Where is my motorcycle?; 2) Has it been towed?; 3) Who will pay for the damages done to the bike? Our motorcycle lawyers will handle the property damage claim for the wreckage to the bike free if we are also handling the injury portion of the plea.

What Happened to My Motorcycle?

The first question a rider will have after a bad spill, is where is my bike and the answer is typically it will be towed from the scene of the crash. The ruined hulk will be towed to a tow or wrecking yard and they will hold the junker until the fees are paid for the towing and storage. This often will take some time and make the biker feel that the bike is being held in order to have the daily fee for storage add up.

One of the reasons this can occur is because in California, the law states only the registered owner of the conveyance can have the bike released from the tow yard or storage to another location where fees will not be incurred. When the motorcycle involved in a bad smashup, and is totaled out, it might require towing to another location from the wrecker storage facility. Our lawyers will suggest getting the mangled mess released from the tow yard, or wrecker yard as soon as possible. There will typically be storage costs that will be out of pocket and our attorneys will fight to have these costs reimbursed immediately. But the victims must take steps to mitigate their losses by getting the remains into their possession, thereby ceasing the tacking on of daily costs.

Motorcycle Damage—Repair and Replacement

Damage to your motorcycle can be expensive just like the injuries and it is also emotionally upsetting for the rider. When your prized possession was damaged in the crash, there will be information needed, in order to make a fast repair claim, in order to obtain fair and prompt repairs or a replacement value of the bike.

The Ehline Law Firm PC will assist in the property damage claim for the ruins, and acting as the rider’s legal representative, attorney Michael Ehline will evaluate your liability insurance damages claim, locate the bike, inspect and photograph the damage to help quicken the property damage portion of the claim for the repairs or replacement of the bike.

When the Bike is a Total Loss

The motorcycle rider does not want to hear that the bike has been determined a total loss after an accident. A motorcycle is determined to be so severely damaged goods that it is a total loss, that will mean that the cost of the repairs that would be required, would be over 70 percent of the fair market value of the motorbike or chopper. Our attorneys will get you the maximum amount for your motorcycle when it has been determined a total loss. Arrange a free, no obligation consultation with the attorney, Michael Ehline, by calling 888-400-9721.