Getting Money in a Motorycle Accident Without a Lawyer?

Harley Riders in an BernardinoResearch show in study after study the motorcycle accident victim that has an attorney in most cases receives a larger settlement and this is after their legal bills have been paid. Comparing motorcycle accident victim represented by an attorney to those without any legal counsel at all, what is the difference between being represented that typically results in a larger pre-litigation settlement?

Gullwing Accidents

Lawyers Know how to Gather Evidence

First, with the right motorcycle attorney, you know they will gather all the information about your insurance claims, and this will also include things such as those exorbitant medical bills and medical records; and it will also include lost wages. There are other things that might be a part of your case that is not obvious to a non-motorcycle litigation expert like:

  • Your performance at work?
  • Changes it may have caused at home?
  • Planned events that you are not able to participate in because of your injuries?
  • There may also be witnesses who will testify about the change in your life since the accident both at home and at work?
  • Has the accident caused a change in your sex life or other marital relations?

Understanding and Explaining the Evidence

Medical records are a large part in building a case and reading these records and understanding them to put in words that a jury will understand is difficult the experienced legal counselor will not only be able to understand it, but will be able to present it in such a way that there is a clear understanding of the injuries.

Explaining the Big Picture to a Jury

An experienced California mishaps attorney.  A lawyer who actually rides will also be able to show and explain to a jury the injuries and disabilities in a way that they will not only understand but be able to place themselves in the situation. This can include analogies such as being left handed and injuring that shoulder, arm or hand leaving the victim helpless for many every day tasks from writing pen to paper, using a computer keyboard, or even washing hair, brushing teeth and bathing.

In the case of a victim that has scars from their injuries meeting new people or taking a new job will place the victim in uncomfortable situations. When it is a case where the client has lost a limb in the motorcycle wreck, it is important to relate this to the jury including showing them the a prosthetic limb, however it must be done in a way that the jury will become emotional about the victims loss and not shut it out because it is to graphic for them to handle. This not only takes an experienced trial attorney, it also takes one that is skilled enough to present this evidence. There are also cases where the injury cannot be seen such as a back or neck injury in this case expert testimony can be helpful to explain to the jury what the physical harm is, and what future ramifications there might be for the unfortunate victim.

Preparing A Motorcycle Lawsuit Case Can Show Who Was At Fault

In some cases when an experienced attorney puts the case together because they understand how to place each piece of evidence in place along with the evidence from the motorcycle they are able to distinguish who was at fault and present this case to the jury and to the insurance company.

Motorcycle Accident Victims Rarely Receive A Large Settlement

That is without hiring an experienced and skilled motorcycle accident law expert, who can not only present the case in court but can also go up against the insurance company attorneys whose job it is to keep claimants from receiving a large settlement. If you are unable to avoid the smash up, it is this type of case where the experience and skill of a seasoned veteran is needed the most.

When they prepare a true case of negligent injuries properly, it usually ends in a large settlement for the shocking incident victim. Then and only then, have they earned their contingency fee by fighting for the client. Comparing a motorcycle accident victim represented by an attorney to those without legal counsel, shows that you need to retain Ehline Law Firm PC, with its staff of experienced and skilled California lawyers who can be reached toll free at 888-400-9721.